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Mattias Russo-Larsson • MRL Design | A S T O R
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Rebranding + UI/ UX Design

About This Project

About Astor:

With a client base spanning boutique operations to Fortune 500 companies, Astor’s patent service to the marketplace and greater planet is to help companies define and achieve sustainability goals through design, implementation and management of programs that reduce carbon footprints and turn waste into energy while improving your bottom line. Astor is a Corporate Sustainability Consultant that is striving to move all their clients to produced 0% (landfill) waste by 2020.


Design Assignment:

Astor hired me to firstly, rebrand their company with a contemporary corporate image. Next, I was in charge of the UI & UX design for their new web app which allowed their customers to streamline the process of requesting waste and recycling bulk pick ups, make damage claims, and view all existing orders. My design is centered around a hierarchy of information in which form follows function. Successful UX is about making assumptions and then testing to validate. After each round of design the employer had some of their employees test the app and returned with their feedback. When building the front-end of the app, I coded pixel perfect designs into HTML and CSS using bootstrap so that it was fully responsive across all devices.


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Branding, UI/ UX Design