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Mattias Russo-Larsson • MRL Design | Mattias Russo-Larsson - MRL DESIGN
Mattias Russo-Larsson is a Full Stack Designer located in Los Angeles serving businesses with stunning visual design. Approaching all of his design work from the perspective of a creative director he offers far more than any media agency can. Equipped with skills from his education in Design and Media Arts from UCLA Design & Media Arts program, he provides technical expertise in all forms of media production and an exceptional aesthetic vision for all of this design work.
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Creative Direction

My degree in Design & Media Arts from UCLA has formed my approach to design with a deep understanding of its dialectical nature. I am empowered with a scrupulous attention to detail and an effectual understanding of the big picture. I care deeply about the persuasion of an aesthetic, but equally for the practical performance of a design. I understand that design is a system that is often simple in principle, but complex in execution.

Photography & Videography

Photography & Videography interest me for similar reasons. As creative mediums, they both accomplish immediate forms of visual story telling. Through the combination of composition, subject matter, color, & light, I am able to create visual narratives at the click of a button. I am a full stack Videographer (direct, shoot, edit). From pre production through post, I can carry the project from conception to completion.

UI/UX  Design + Web Development

My UI/UX and web design work is centered around a hierarchy of information in which form follows function. Successful ux is about making assumptions and then testing to validate. I approach all of my web design projects from a user experience perspective (prioritizing accessibility/ ease-of-use), which informs my clean and bold ui design aesthetic.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics, combine animation with short-form text, voiceover, and sound design to form a story. Whether it introduces a new product or service, educates an audience on a critical issue, asks for action, or is just intended to inspire, all of these components need to work harmoniously to create a cohesive experience for the viewer.